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2017 was a good year for Social Movement Studies. We received almost 200 new submissions in total - providing a challenge in keeping up with the review process, but also indicating the quality and breadth of our growing field. We recruited three excellent colleagues to the Editorial Board.And we gained our highest impact factor so far, being one (albeit imperfect) indicator of the growing influence of our authors.

Some of the information below attests to the increasing scope of our field: the word cloud demonstrates thematic coverage, and the map indicates geographic spread. We have been keenly aware in recent years of critiques of Euro-centrism in movement scholarship (as in many fields of social scientific research); this challenge remains on both epirical and theoretical levels, and has been very well expressed in the most recent edition of Interface. We continue to encourage submissions that promise to broaden the field in terms of geographic scope and theoretical resources.

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protest media identity solidarity neoliberalism activism women occupy resistance portugal brokerage democracy austerity greece egypt china turkey icts power emotion twitter taiwan psychology social media anti-austerity collective action technology gezi park public space online protest foucault heterotopia top-down global bottom-up free spaces simulation syntagma square hong kong transnational organizations rossio square spontaneity umbrella movement animal welfare non-mobilization volunteerism bangladesh counter-movement energy networks anti-globalization coordination lifestyle movements prefiguration united states financial crisis education diffusion mobilization complexity theory




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The SMS Editorial Board are: Kevin Gillan (Editor-in-Chief), Marcos Ancelovici, Gemma Edwards, Cristina Flesher Fominaya, John Krinsky, Marianne Maeckelbergh, Eduardo Romanos, Clare Saunders, Luke Yates (Reviews Editor) and Hazel Burke (Managing Editor). We would like to thank all of our submitting authors, our Advisory Board and all peer reviewers for their contributions over the last year.

This infographic was created by Kevin Gillan.